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Are you ready to start or change your career? Would you like to have your CNA license in around 6 weeks?

With a variety of classes to meet your schedule, the opportunity to take your Exam with us and, our 100% commitment to your success, Why wait?

Basic Demographics

  • Have a High School Diploma or a GED or,
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be allowed to work in the US

Background Check

  • Fill out Electronic Form
  • Get a Live Scan fingerprint screening
  • Present 2 forms of ID 
  • Present SS card or Tax ID

Register to take the Exam

  • Login to Prometric 
  • Fill out the application
  • Select your testing site 
  • Wait for comfirmation email

Challenge the Exam

What are the costs of becoming a CNA?
What are the fees to take the Exam Prep Course? How much does the CNA Exam Costs? Is the Background Check expensive?

CNA Prep Course

Weekend Class or Weekly Class
$ 250 Registration Fee
  • Practice & learn 22 Clinical Skills | Study Guide & Online Resources | Friday OPEN Skills Practice Sessions | 2nd and 3rd session free of charge *

FCCNA Services & Offerings

CNA Zoe and Student 3 squarePractice and learns all the skills necessary to pass your Exam. From measuring the patience pulse, to changing an occupied bed and doing a partial bed bath. First Coast CNA will give you the time and resources to succeed.

CNA Study SquareYou will get your own skills guide and we will provide you access to several online resources like Quizlet, CNA study materials, and CNA mock exam web pages, so you can prepare and get ready for your Exam.

CNA Student 1 and 2 squareEvery Friday you will have access to our Training Facility so you can come and practice your skills and knowledge.

CNA Socks squareWe are committed to your success. As your Exam date approaches, we offer you the possibility to sit on a 2nd or 3rd session class to ensure your skills are sharp and ready.
* Subject to space availability, call us to reserve a spot.

Total Cost Breakdown

The fee to enroll and take our Exam Prep Course is $250. This fee includes practicing and learning the 22 CNA skills, the study book and online resources, access to our CNA room to practice every Friday, and the opportunity to sit on a 2nd or 3rd class.

To register to take one of our Courses click HERE

CNA Prometric Logo Web WhiteThe fee to register and take your exam is $155. This fee is paid to Prometric (CNA Exam Administrator in Florida) once you complete your registration to take the Exam. This fee is separate from the one you will pay to take our Exam Prep Course. 

To register with Prometric click HERE (This link will take you to the New User Registration Page)

CNA Florida Board of Nursing Web LogoThe fee to get your Background Check could vary from $80 to $130 depending on the provider you choose to do your Background Check with. You have to choose a Live Scan provider, fill out the fingerprint electronic form, have two forms of id and be allowed to work in the US.

To find a Background Check provider near you click HERE

Cost Breakdown

What is the Total Cost of becoming a CNA?
$ 510* Total Fees
  • $250 CNA Prep Course (Paid to FCCNA) | $155 CNA Exam fee (Paid to Prometric) | $105 Background Check Fee* (Paid to 3rd Party)
First Coast CNA Class Offerings

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Rachel was the instructor for the class with Karina working as a training instructor. They exhibited a passion and enthusiasm for the lesson that grabs your attention and is completely contagious. The subject is easy to follow and well presented. You leave feeling like you are ready for any emergency that could occur. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs the certification or just wants to make sure that you are able to help any family or loved ones during a crisis.
Fa'Lisha Collier
The staff is great. The class was awesome and very informative to the skills you will need to perform CPR successful. I will renew with First Coast CPR every 2 years and you should too.
Kearsen Avendano
So my class was with Rachel A, honestly she made it really fun! I enjoyed it so much but not only that, I feel that I learned such important material. I feel more confident in myself to do CPR and I also feel a lot more safer. I’m not too much on edge for not knowing what to do incase something were to happen. I recommend that if you have the opportunity to go get certified here, do it, you won’t regret it! I am trying to get my husband and close family to go do it now too, it is such an important skill to have and knowing something like this can really change the outcome of a situation drastically.
Hannah McEwen
Such an awesome CPR renewal experience. Very informative and fun! It was not the typical boring class.
liliana sinti
It is a awesom class with Ms. Rachel Austin. You really learn how to do basic life support. She makes you laugh and feel comfortable. I recommend this class to anyone, you'll enjoy it for sure!!!!

Directions to First Coast CNA

Our facility is located very close to the intersection between Philips Highway and Emerson St, just south of downtown Jacksonville.

3728 Philips Highway #13
Jacksonville, Fl 32207

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