CNA Requirements in Florida

CNA Requirements to Take the CNA  State Board Exam in Florida

What are the Requirements to become a CNA?

Do I have to have a high school|GED diploma? Do I need any prior work experience? Do I have to have a Background Check?

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At First Coast CNA, we’re here to provide you with the information you need to prepare yourself for the Florida CNA Exam. We can show you the specific CNA requirements in Florida as well as walk you through registration, find your testing location, and provide access to our extra online practice study sessions.

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Pass a Live Scan Level 2 Background Check

For general information about the Level 2 Live Scan Background Check and the offenses that may exclude a candidate from being approved, please click HERE

Live Scan Level 2 Background Check basic requirements

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To access the Prometric’s Candidate Information Bulletin information on filling out your application online or in writing, choosing a location for your background check and more, please click HERE

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Once you know the CNA requirements in Florida, you can start studying. Do your own research online, watch YouTube videos, practice at home or with your friends.