There are a lot of things that might have brought you here. Maybe you’ve wanted to be a nurse all your life. Maybe you were doing something completely different but now you’ve found yourself here, thinking about leaving it all to join the ranks of people who have made the brave choice to become a certified nursing assistant. Whatever your motivation, it’s important to be armed with information about the journey that you’re about to undertake. This is what you should know about CNA classes.

How Classes Fit into the Process

Before we get into the classes themselves, you should understand how the class fits into the process of becoming a CNA. In Florida, where the demand for CNAs is ever growing, CNA certification is a relatively simple process. You have to attend a Florida Board of Nursing–approved training program. Then you will have to pass a nursing assistant competency examination that includes a written test, a performance assessment, and a background check. A good training program will equip you with the skills necessary for passing the exam. Fortunately, our CNA classes in Jacksonville, FL, are taught in a facility that proctors CNA competency exams, so you can be sure that you will be well prepared.

What You Will Be Learning

In your classes, you will learn how to perform the daily tasks expected of a CNA, such as taking vitals, performing common medical procedures like intubation, and controlling infection. You will also learn the essentials of patient care, like changing linens, how to feed patients and meet their nutritional needs, bathing patients, and helping with exercise. Many of the skills you learn in CNA classes are softer but just as essential, like communication and flexibility, especially when it comes to responding to emergencies.

Who to Expect in Class

As we mentioned, many paths lead to becoming a CNA. So, when coming to class, expect to see diversity among your classmates. Some of your fellow nurses in training may be fresh out of high school or college. Others may be fresh out of a ten- or twenty-year-long career. Some may have families and some may be single. With people coming from so many different walks of life, any sense of feeling intimidated can be left at the door.

One last thing you should know about CNA classes is that they will give you the skills you need to begin your exciting new career. However, skills are not all that it takes to be a CNA. Being a certified nursing assistant takes compassion and determination to help others. But the good news is if you’re taking the step of signing up for the class, chances are you already have those attributes. You bring the heart. We’ll give you the tools you need to help your patients wherever your career takes you.