After weeks of working hard in your program and thinking positive thoughts, the day has arrived. It’s time to take your CNA State Exam, the test that will decide if you get your license. If you’re hyperventilating right now, let us calm your fears. Countless CNAs have gone before you (probably scared just as witless as you are) and passed this exam, and you can too! You just need to know how to prepare for the CNA state exam.

Know What To Expect

An unknown challenge is much scarier than a known one. So, before you walk into the room, familiarize yourself with the format of the exam. There are three major types of CNA exams that you may face, depending on your state. About half the states in the U.S. administer the National Nurse Assistant Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam, while eleven states require an exam administered by D&S Diversified Technologies LLP, also known as Headmaster, and another eleven (including Florida) take the Prometric Exam.

While specifics vary, all three tests include a written and skill evaluation. The written portion includes 60-75 questions that may cover categories such as CNA duties, safety best practices, and skills needed to promote patient health. The skill evaluation requires you to perform three to five nursing skills, all of which must be performed successfully in order to pass. Examine the topics and skills that your state test requires and let that guide your studies.

Check Out Some Practice Tests

You can find many great resources online, including practice tests for different types of CNA exams. While these tests will probably not look exactly like the real exam, they will help you visualize how the questions may be worded. Not to mention, if you are coming to nursing after a break from schooling, it’s always a good idea to refresh yourself on what taking a test feels like.

Talk To Your Program Teachers

If you are currently going through a CNA program, your teachers are a great resource. After all, most program teachers worked in the field themselves and can give you pointers on any skills you may struggle with. Because our facility also proctors the Florida Prometric CNA exam, our teachers are uniquely equipped to help you prepare for your CNA state exam.

Remind Yourself That Failure Isn’t the End

Sometimes, considering the worst-case scenario can be paralyzing. Sometimes, it can be freeing, especially if you can assure yourself that the scenario isn’t that bad. What if you get into the exam room and fall flat on your face or fail with flying colors? Most states will let you retake the exam up to three times, and some only require you to retake the parts you failed. Even if you do fail three times, you will often only have to do additional training before you can try again. So, take a deep breath. You’re going to ace this!