CNA Requirements in Florida

CNA Requirements to Take the CNA  State Board Exam in Florida

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What are the Requirements to become a CNA?

Do I have to have a high school|GED diploma? Do I need any prior work experience? Do I have to have a Background Check?

Basic Demographics

  • Have a High School Diploma or a GED or,
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be allowed to work in the US

Background Check

Register to take the Exam

  • Login to Prometric
  • Fill out the application
  • Select your testing site
  • Wait for confirmation email

Take the Exam

  • Prepare with us
  • Register for the Red Cross 120-hour Nursing Assistant Training or
  • Register for your exam prep class at First Coast CNA
  • Self Study

At First Coast CNA, we’re here to provide you with the information you need to prepare yourself for the Florida CNA Exam. We can show you the specific CNA requirements in Florida as well as walk you through registration, find your testing location, and provide access to our extra online practice study sessions.

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Pass a Live Scan Level 2 Background Check

For general information about the Level 2 Live Scan Background Check and the offenses that may exclude a candidate from being approved, please click HERE

Live Scan Level 2 Background Check basic requirements

  • Payment of a Level 2 Background Check Fee. We charge $90
  • Our Service provider is First Coast Live Scan. Click HERE to book an appointment
  • Fill out the Electronic Fingerprint form and present it at the time of the Live Scan screening. Click HERE to access the Form
  • Use ORI Number for CNA Examination – EDOH0380Z
  • Provide accurate demographics and your Social Security Card or your Tax Id Card

Register to take your Exam with Prometrics

To access the Prometric’s Candidate Information Bulletin information on filling out your application online or in writing, choosing a location for your background check and more, please click HERE

Steps to Register to Take your Exam with prometrics

  • Access the Prometric’s Florida Nurse Aide Exam page by clicking HERE and select Online application.

  • Click “Register New User” and fill out the information.
  • Make sure you enter your Last Name and First Name as it appears on your driver’s license.
  • Activate email by following prompts from your confirmation email from Prometric.
  • Log in and click “Submit New Application” in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Select Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Application After 07-01-2012 from the drop down
  • Complete the sections with asterisks at a minimum
  • Don’t worry about a Prometric ID, this is only if you have one
  • Once the application has been started it can be saved and returned to later
  • Payment is required before submitting
  • In the Certification Option / Eligibility section:
  • If you took a 120 Hour CNA Training class, select E1. Completed a State Approved CNA training Program.
  • If you didn’t take a training class, or you took an Exam Prep Class, select “E3. Challenger”
  • Training Information:
  • If you took a 120 Hour CNA Training class, complete all required sections.
  • If you didn’t take a training class, or you took an Exam Prep Class, skip this section.
  • For Test Site Information, select Regional Test Site, and on ‘My preferred Test Site’ drop down menu select ‘First Coast CNA Regional – Jacksonville’
  • Complete rest of application including the “agree” boxes stating that you are aware that a background check is required and that you may have to play the role of the resident for another student’s exam.
  • Double check the checklist at the bottom and save for later or submit!

Get ready to take the Exam

Prepare with us

  • Register for your training program at First Coast CNA
  • Review and study all prep class intro packet
  • Attend your scheduled First Coast CNA training class
  • Take sample tests online and continue to practice skills. Take advantage of our Friday’s CNA Open Practice Sessions
  • Right before your test, if needed, attend a review course so you have the skills fresh in your mind

Self Study

Once you know the CNA requirements in Florida, you can start studying. Do your own research online, watch YouTube videos, practice at home or with your friends.