What are the costs of becoming a CNA in Florida?

What are the normal fees to take a CNA preparation course? How much does the CNA test cost? Is the background check expensive? In the end, what is the total cost of becoming a CNA in Florida?

At First Coast CNA, we understand how stressful it is figuring out the cost of your new career classes and certification. Our goal is to help you understand and navigate the various requirements—including all registration and fees. When you come to First Coast CNA for help reaching your goal, we’ll provide you with the resources and guidance you need to make the process as smooth as possible.

Here we’ve provided more information on the various costs of becoming a CNA in Florida, and what the total cost will be, including course fees, background checks, and the exam registration.

First, to be able to take the CNA State Board Exam, you will need to pass a Level 2 background check and register with the state to take the board exam. In addition to this, we strongly suggest you take a CNA exam prep class so that you have the knowledge and practice in place to be ready to pass the exam. Although this means a higher cost up front, adding a prep class to the cost of becoming a CNA may save you additional time, money, and the stress of not knowing if you’re truly ready to take the exam.

Here’s a breakdown of the various price components of how much the CNA test completion will cost:

CNA Exam Preparation Class

$ 240
  • CNA Exam Prep Class
    16 - 32 Hours of Instruction *
  • CNA Skills Book
  • Weekly Open Practice
    (to keep your skills fresh)

Level 2 Live Scan Background Check

$ 80
  • Level 2 Live Scan Background Check
  • Performed during the CNA Exam Prep Class.
    No need to find a service provider
  • Electronically Submited to FDLE
    Results sent to FDOH within 72 Hrs

CNA State Exam Registration

$ 155
  • CNA State Board Exam Registration Fee.
    The CNA State Board Exam cost is paid to state testing agency Prometric
  • Registration done during the CNA Exam Prep Class
  • First Coast CNA is a Prometric Regional Testing Site
    $125 for Skills portion / $30 for Written

Total Cost Breakdown

The fee to enroll and take our Exam Prep Course is $240. This fee does not includes the State Exam. Your fee covers practicing and learning the 22 CNA skills, the study book and online resources, access to our CNA room to practice when time is available, and the opportunity to sit on a 2nd or 3rd class.

To register to take one of our Courses click HERE

The fee to get your Background Check with us at First Coast Live Scan, will be $80.

You have to choose a Live Scan provider, fill out the fingerprint electronic form, have two forms of id and be allowed to work in the US.

If you want to find different Background Check provider near you click HERE

The fee to register and take your exam is $155. This fee is paid to Prometric (CNA Exam Administrator in Florida) once you complete your registration to take the Exam. This CNA State Board Exam cost is separate from the one you will pay to take our Exam Prep Course.

To register with Prometric click HERE (This link will take you to the New User Registration Page)

The cost of taking your American Heart Association CPR/BLS Certification with us at First Coast CPR will be $45.

The CPR/BLS Certification is a requirement to secure a job as a CNA.

If you want to find FCCPR CPR/BLS Class schedule please click HERE.

The total cost of getting your CNA License could amount to $520 when paying for all CNA requirements.